Issue #2

How to purchase a fitting dress online
With internet when everything is just a click away, many ladies still remain passive about online shopping. Ladies, we understand the concern of poor quality dress, unfitting, exchange issues etc etc…
With this insight, we hope to make a positive difference! Tap onto the convenience of online shopping and we show you how to get a fitting dress online. Once you master it, it gives you a peace of mind shopping confidently online with no regret purchase.

Find your measurement
No big hassle, the one and only tool you need is a measuring tape. There are 5 key measurements you need to know before shopping for a suitable dress.

1) Your body Length. Place the end of measuring tape from your shoulder to your knee cap. Take the measurement in inch.
2) Your shoulder length: Place the end of measuring tape from one armpit across your chest to another armpit. Take the measurement in inch.
3) Your waist: Place the measuring tape around your waist.
4) Your hip: Place the measuring tape around your butt.
If you have fat arms, take this measurement too
5) Your arm: Place the measuring tape around your arm, slight below shoulder.

Now that you have your measurements, you can save this information into a file on your PC for easy reference during your online shopping.

3 Key things to watch out:
(1)   The Length of the dress
The length is important as it is going to determines
how much of your leg is going to be shown. If unsure,
knee length or 1 inch above knee cap is a safe choice.
The inches indicated under “Down” should match your
body length plus or minus 1 inch.

(  (2)   Fit the Shoulder
No matter how beautiful is a dress, if it cannot get pass your shoulder is not your dress.
Look out for “PTP” (stands for pit to pit measurement) measurement indicated online it should not be lesser than your shoulder length.

(3)   Fit the hip & waist
How fitting is the hip & waist length of the dress is crucial to the overall outlook of the dress on you. If the design of the dress is meant to be tight fitting, the waist & hip length should be at most 0.5 inch more than your measurement. If the dress is suppose to be loose fit, as long as it is bigger than your measurement, it will be fine.

Finding a suitable dress can be as simple as ABC. All that is required is to be bold enough to try and make a purchase. Once you have tested and proven the technique to find a suitable dress online, you actually have uncovered the way to be ahead of fashion and enjoy the saving of both time & money.

Happy shopping online!